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Reservoir Road

Ever listen to a song and have a feeling of epiphany? You not only know exactly what the song is about, but you feel like you’ve been there youself? Reservoir Road is named for a experience I had on first hearing Last Time by Moon on Enya’s And Winter Came… cd.

It was November 6th. And Winter Came… was due for release on November 7th in several European counties. I logged onto Unity where I function as an assistant grand poobah, and all the alarm bells went off. And Winter Came… had been leaked to YouTube.  The global moderator was contacted, Aigle was contacted–though they and Warner were already on the look-out for illegal uploads prior to the album’s release. I spent the next few hours of the evening at YouTube, with a friend nearby, watching the tracks come down, one-by-one. I realllly didn’t want to listen to an illegal upload, but I couldn’t help it with a song titled Last Time by Moonlight.

I had this epiphany with the song. Once upon a time, I would spend winter nights walking with friends around a lake deep in the country. The moon would be out, shimmering on the frozen lake. The high grasses along the road would be rimmed with frost, and our feet would crunch on the frozen ground. Hands shoved deep in pockets, we would talk and laugh and share dreams. As cold as the nights were, we never wanted to break the spell and go home.

Enya was born in County Donegal Ireland, and Last Time by Moonlight is one of the most touched-by-the-country songs I’ve ever heard her sing. It’s likely the most beautiful song on the album.

Last time by moonlight

Lyrics by Roma Ryan

The winter sky above us
was shining
in moonlight,
And everywhere around us
the silence
of midnight.
And we had gathered snowflakes;
the soft light
of starlight on snow.

Oooh, remember this,
for no-one knows
the way love goes.
Oooh, remember this,
for no-one knows
the way life goes.

We walked the road together
one last time
by moonlight,
as underneath the heavens
the slow chimes
at midnight,
but nothing is forever
not even
the starlight
at midnight
not even
the moonlight…

Oooh, remember this,
for no-one knows
the way love goes.
Oooh, remember this,
for no-one knows
the way life goes.


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These are a few things I like:

Writing: I’ve got one supernatural and two mystery-thrillers going at the moment.

Fountain pens: There’s nothing like writing with a good fountain pen. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a expensive one or a $12.00 cheapie, as long as it writes well and it fits in my hand. I have a Prussian Blue Waterman Carene with a custom-ground cursive italic nib that’s a dream to hold and write with. I have cheap Pilot 78G’s that are surprising in how well they write straight out of the plastic bag from whatever seller I buy them from. In between, I have a gorgeous ivory Waterman Charleston, and a copper/bronze Waterman Expert II, that I think could be the best writing pen I own. My heart though, belongs to my 1951 Parker 51 in midnight blue with gold-filled cap. Writing with this 56 year old pen is writing with history.

..and paper: I’m currently addicted to Apica notebooks from Japan. The CD-15’s are my project books. The paper is a soft ivory and very smooth. Ink flows onto this paper. My journals are now kept on Apica A610’s. The paper is soft and grey-ish in color. It takes almost every ink I have very well. The notebooks are reasonably cheap: $3.78 for the CD-15 and $5.99 for the A610 at the local pen store. I also like Rhodia and Black n’ Red notebooks, and Ampad legal pads.

…and ink: Private Reserve Midnight Blues. I love the blue-gray color; it’s sophisticated; it’s … enigmatic. Also in use are Waterman Havana Brown and South Seas Blue, Private Reserve Black Cherry; Mont Blanc black and Mont Blanc bordeaux.

Music: Mostly Irish, mostly by the Brennan family–Clannad, Enya. Enya’s new album, And Winter Came… is the best seasonal album to come out in 2008. I was listening to Enya’s family (Clannad) a year before Enya released the soundtrack to The Celts documentary, and their Dulaman album gets played regularly around here.

I’ve got a new pen to try out tonight–a Cross-dressing Parker Big Red. A bunch of years ago, I bought an orange Big Red rollerball. When I took up fountain pens a few years ago, I eyed the rollerball and wished it was a fountain pen. Mostly because vintage Parker Duofolds, on which the Big Red was modeled, are way out of my price range. A few months ago, I found out that the nib and section of a Cross Solo could be used on the barrel of a Big Red. This week I got my Cross Solo (with a nice broad nib!) and sure ‘nuf, the nib fits on the Big Red. The nib was made by Pilot and true to Pilots, its quality is extremely good. It puts down a nice, even wet line without a skip or hiccup. I like the idea of giving my 25 year old Parker Big Red a new lease on life. Writing with it this evening is going to be fun.

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